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From stertorous +‎ -ly.



stertorously (comparative more stertorously, superlative most stertorously)

  1. With heavy breathing, as if snoring; in a stertorous manner.
    • 1897, Bram Stoker, Dracula Chapter 20
      The patient was now breathing stertorously and it was easy to see that he had suffered some terrible injury.
    • 1956, Delano Ames, chapter 23, in Crime out of Mind[1]:
      He was a plump little man and we had been walking uphill at a pace—set by him—far too rapid for his short legs. He breathed stertorously, and half the drops which glimmered on his rotund face were not rain but sweat.
    • 2000, Mark Gatiss, Last of the Gaderene, chapter 20
      Captain McGarrigle, however, seemed to be in trouble. He was breathing stertorously, his throat and chest juddering like those of an asthmatic.

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