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streak +‎ -y



streaky (comparative streakier, superlative streakiest)

  1. Having streaks.
  2. (cricket) Used to describe a shot where the ball deflects off the edge of the bat, but is not caught by the slips or wicket-keeper and instead results in runs for the batsman.
  3. (chiefly of a person, usually Canada, US) Having alternating periods of good and bad performances; inconsistent.
    Jones has always been a streaky hitter
  4. (soccer) Not well-executed, due to luck more than skill.
    • 2015, Paul Wilson, Alexis Sánchez sends Arsenal into final after gallant Reading go the distance (in The Guardian, 18 April 2015)[1]
      Two goals from Alexis Sánchez, the second a little streakier than the first, were enough to send Arsenal into a second successive FA Cup final, once again following extra time after being held over 90 minutes by a Championship side.

Derived termsEdit