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From stream +‎ style


streamstyle (third-person singular simple present streamstyles, present participle streamstyling, simple past and past participle streamstyled)

  1. (uncommon) to give something a streamlined style.
    • 1959, Steam's Finest Hour, edited by David P. Morgan, Kalmbach Publishing Co., page 113, referring to Canadian Pacific 4-4-4s:
      Streamstyled in the manner of the Hudsons, these lightweights were unusually capable for their size.
    • Same book as above, page 11:
      And then there's Rutland, so far behind the others in motive power that it was obliged to streamstyle a 1911 2-8-0 with Stephenson gear when its Whippet hotshot was introduced in 1938.

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