English Edit

Etymology Edit

sub- +‎ apical

Adjective Edit

subapical (comparative more subapical, superlative most subapical)

  1. Below an apex.
    • 1894, Joel Asaph Allen, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, page 108:
      The ears are brownish, more or less rusty, the extreme edge whitish, particularly on the posterior border, the apical third externally with a submargin of black, expanding towards the tip into a broad blackish subapical spot.
  2. (phonetics) Pronounced with the underside of the tongue.

Spanish Edit

Pronunciation Edit

  • IPA(key): /subapiˈkal/ [su.β̞a.piˈkal]
  • Rhymes: -al
  • Syllabification: su‧ba‧pi‧cal

Adjective Edit

subapical m or f (masculine and feminine plural subapicales)

  1. subapical