superwet (not comparable)

  1. A type of infiltration method used in abdominoplasty involving the injection of an amount of infiltrate roughly equal to the amount of aspirate to be removed.
    • 2008, Joseph P. Hunstad, ‎Remus Repta, Atlas of Abdominoplasty, p. 16:
      The three types of infiltration methods – wet, superwet, and tumescent – differ largely according to the volume of fluid used and infiltration/aspiration ratios.
    • 2012, J. Peter Rubin, ‎Mark L. Jewell, ‎Dirk Richter, Body Contouring and Liposuction E-Book: Expert Consult - Online, p. 481:
      The advantages of the superwet technique, as compared to the tumescent technique, have been amply presented by myself and others.
    • 2018, Eric Swanson, Evidence-Based Body Contouring Surgery and VTE Prevention, p. 264:
      Fig.11.6 Canister showing lipoaspirate after ultrasound-assisted superwet liposuction (approximately 1:1 infusion/aspirate ratio).
  2. A form of combustion in which water is introduced into the combustion process and is immediately turned to steam, resulting in a water-laden combustion product.
    • 1985, J. Burger, Thermal Methods of Oil Recovery, p. 299:
      Laboratory studies on superwet combustion, in a one-dimensional set-up, are complicated by the fact that oxidation is slow at the water vaporization temperature.
    • 1989, Technical Information Center, U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Research Abstracts, p. 21:
      The next step was superwet combustion, in which the temperature in the heat liberation zone is close to steam saturation temperature; a substantial decrease in air/oil ratio is the advantage of this process.
    • 2019, James G. Speight, Heavy Oil Recovery and Upgrading, p. 144:
      At elevated water-air ratios, liquid water passes through the oxidation zone, and the process is then defined as superwet or quenched combustion.
  3. Of a vagina, highly aroused and lubricated.
    • 2012, Ondré Tokai, Social X, p. 45:
      The wall camera directly above the door had a perfect view of my penis pumping in and out of her superwet, but extremely tight, vagina.
    • 2016, Tony Jackson, From the Street to the Sheets: II, p. 163:
      “Oh yes!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as I went in her superwet pussy, so smooth and easy, causing me only to get four humps.