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Alternative formsEdit


From Late Ancient Greek ὀξυσάκχαρον (oxusákkharon), compound of ὀξύς (oxús, sharp, acid) + σάκχαρον (sákkharon, sugar).


  • IPA(key): /sudˈd͡, [s̪ud̪ˈd̪͡z̪äkke̞r̺ä]
  • Rhymes: -akkera
  • Hyphenation: suz‧zàc‧che‧ra


suzzacchera f (plural suzzacchere) (Tuscany, archaic or rare)

  1. A medicinal drink made of vinegar and sugar.
    • 14th c., Franco Sacchetti, “Novella CCX [Novel 210]”, in Novelle di Franco Sacchetti, published 1724, page 177:
      noi ce ne avvedremo a’ medici e alli ſciroppi e alle ſuzzacchere, che ſapete quello che coſtano
      We will realize it with the doctors, and the syrups and the suzzacchere; you know how much they cost
  2. (by extension) muddle, mixture
  3. (figuratively) Something that brings sorrow or sadness.
  4. (figuratively) Something lengthy and boring.

Derived termsEdit