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Originally a comparative form of the adverb suðr, sunnr. From Proto-Germanic *sunþrizô (comparative of *sunþraz (south)). Ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *sóh₂wl̥ (sun).


syðri (comparative syðri, superlative synstr)

  1. (comparative) more southerly
  2. (superlative) most southerly
    • liggja þessi lǫnd synst
      these lands lie most to the south


This word is one of a little handful of adjectives with defective inflection, existing only in the comparative and superlative forms.

Coordinate termsEdit

Related termsEdit

  • sól f (sun)
  • suðrœnn (southern)
  • sunna f (sun)
  • sunnan (from the south; on the south side)
  • sunnar (more to the south, adv comp)


Note that the Norwegian adverbs meaning south or southward, are derived from syðri, and not Old Norse suðr.

  • Norwegian Nynorsk: søre; sør
  • Norwegian Bokmål: søndre, søre; syd, sør


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