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teabag +‎ -er


teabagger (plural teabaggers)

  1. (dated, pejorative) An upper class participant in motor racing.
    • 1999, Joe Scalzo, Indianapolis Roadsters, page 41:
      [] and for the great Parnelli Jones, and in the process telling off Colin Chapman-all superior upper-class teabagger manners and treachery
  2. (slang, vulgar) A person who practices teabagging, i.e., the sexual act of inserting the scrotum into someone's mouth.
  3. (neologism, often derogatory) An affiliate of the Tea Party movement, or a supporter of its protests and/or ideology.
    "As a reference to members of the currently active Tea Party, the word has been used in speech and print by both liberals and conservatives. In this context, the term "teabagger" is a reasonably conceived informal name for an affiliate of the Tea Party, and as a word in the news, it earned a mention for the year 2009." -- "'Teabagger' Finalist For Oxford's 'Word Of The Year'", Huffington Post, 18 November 2009.