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From chicken tender + -ie



tendie (plural tendies)

  1. (food, colloquial, usually in the plural) A chicken tender.
    • 2013 April 19, rachel.ka.smith [username], “Uhh...They reopened Manchu Wok”, in paginalife, Usenet[1]:
      Grade "A" tendies and mozz sticks.
    • 2015, Cynthia Rozzo, East Cobber Magazine, (May 2015 issue), pg. 38
      Favorite Food: Chicken Tendies
    • 2015, Charlie Hickerson, Native magazine (issue 36), pg. 77
      It's an attitude that's certainly reflected during our interview at DOZA's house, where chicken tenders and Courvoisier (our dinner for the night) are referred to as "dank tendies and drank" [...]
    • 2015, Devon Mann, Islands' Sounder (December 26, 2015 issue), pg. 5
      "The life of crime just pulls you in," says Gnineerg, "you think it's just one cheese stick then then [sic] you're dealing three or four bags of tendies a day. It's a dark road."