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Borrowed from Latin tergum (back, rear; surface).


tergum (plural terga)

  1. (entomology) The upper or dorsal surface of an articulated animal such as an arthropod.

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tergum n (genitive tergī); second declension

  1. back, rear; surface


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative tergum terga
Genitive tergī tergōrum
Dative tergō tergīs
Accusative tergum terga
Ablative tergō tergīs
Vocative tergum terga

Derived termsEdit


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    • to flee, run away: terga vertere or dare
    • to run away from the enemy: terga dare hosti
    • (ambiguous) to attack the enemy in the rear: hostes a tergo adoriri
    • (ambiguous) to surround the enemy from the rear: circumvenire hostem aversum or a tergo (B. G. 2. 26)