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From Old Swedish þora, þøra, from Old Norse þora, of unknown origin. Cognate with Swedish töras (to dare)


torde (defective verb)

  1. should (be) and also probably is; auxiliary verb used to express probable, but still hypothetical, actions or conditions.
    Det torde inte innebära några problem.
    That should not cause any problems.
    • Det torde inte vara möjligt att kasta en boll 30 meter upp i luften.
      Most probably, it is not possible to throw a ball 30 meters straight up into the air.
      Mordet torde ha utförts för cirka 20 timmar sedan.
      The murder must have been committed about 20 hours ago.

Synonyms: borde, bör

Usage notesEdit

For similar constructions in the present tense tör should be used instead. This development is to be compared with the English should and shall, because both were originally the same verb too