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Spanish edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Latin tussīre with a change in verb class.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /toˈseɾ/ [t̪oˈseɾ]
  • Rhymes: -eɾ
  • Syllabification: to‧ser

Verb edit

toser (first-person singular present toso, first-person singular preterite tosí, past participle tosido)

  1. to cough
  2. (figurative) to hold a candle (to someone); to compete (with someone); to touch (be as good as)
    nadie le puede toser
    nobody is anywhere near as good as him
    • 20 August 2023, Jordi Quixano, “España se hace inmortal con la conquista de su primer Mundial femenino”, in El País[1]:
      no hay quien le tosa ni le quite el balón o la identidad.
      (please add an English translation of this quotation)

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