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two-sided (not comparable)

  1. Having two sides, bilateral.
  2. Reversible.
    A reversible coat is two-sided and would allow you to change your appearance.
    • 1984, Steve Ciarcia, Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar (volume 4, page 162)
      This output control line is used to select which side of a two-sided floppy disk is to be used for reading or writing.
    • 2002, Tamarin Laurel, Initiation at Beltane, →ISBN, page 304:
      The image of the two-sided cloak will help us explore the connections students have with the mortal realm, and the connections they have with 'inner realms,' as we'll call them for convenience.
    • 2009, Olivia Lousada, Hidden Twins: What Adult Opposite Sex Twins Have to Teach Us, →ISBN:
      So I looked at the doll. It is a two-sided doll. I lifted up the doll's dress and it was a two-sided doll, on the other side of the doll was a wolf! Red Riding Hood and the wolf!
    • 2016, John Carr, Pioneer Days in California:
      With the testimony against him, and his former suspicious character, besides his two-sided coat, things looked rather blue for poor Seymour.
  3. (algebra) Whose salient properties apply when (the specified object) appears on either side of a given binary operator.
    two-sided inversetwo-sided identity
  4. (figuratively) Having two aspects or viewpoints