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From Middle English ulage, from Anglo-Norman ulliage, from *ullier (to fill a partially empty cask), from Old French oel (bunghole", literally, "eye), from Latin oculus (eye). See French ouillage.


ullage (countable and uncountable, plural ullages)

  1. In a wine bottle, the empty space between the cork and the top of the wine.
  2. In a cask or barrel, the empty space, occupied by air, that is created by not completely filling the cask or barrel.
  3. The topping-up of such a barrel with fresh wine.
  4. In an industrial setting, the empty space in a tank, such as for fuel.


ullage (third-person singular simple present ullages, present participle ullaging, simple past and past participle ullaged)

  1. To gauge the amount of empty space between the top of a cask and the level of liquid inside it.