English edit

Interjection edit


  1. Alternative form of um
    - How does a plane fly?
    - Umm, I don't know.

Verb edit

umm (third-person singular simple present umms, present participle umming, simple past and past participle ummed)

  1. Alternative form of um (to make the umm sound to express confusion or hesitancy).

Anagrams edit

Cypriot Arabic edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Arabic أُمّ(ʔumm).

Noun edit

umm f (plural ummát)

  1. mother

References edit

  • Borg, Alexander (2004) A Comparative Glossary of Cypriot Maronite Arabic (Arabic–English) (Handbook of Oriental Studies; I.70), Leiden and Boston: Brill, page 144

Livonian edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Finnic *oma.

Adjective edit


  1. own