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Alternative formsEdit


un- +‎ forget


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unforget (third-person singular simple present unforgets, present participle unforgetting, simple past unforgot, past participle unforgotten)

  1. (transitive) To remember again after forgetting.
    • 2012, Everyday Phenomenology
      This is but one of a number of instances of unforgetting throughout the story of Austerlitz through which he pieces together the shreds of his life as he unforgets his life before the Kindertransport and the journey from this life to another in Bala and beyond.
    • 2013, Hélène Cixous, Twists and Turns in the Heart's Antarctic
      Without my usual hesitation, I rip it off the way one rips off, unforgets, peels, ferrets out, seeking the pure treasure, proof of the existence of life before us, without us, the book of our dead and of our betrayals.