urfa biber


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From Turkish Urfa biber, from Urfa + biber (pepper).



urfa biber (uncountable)

  1. A smoky, sweet-and-sour variety of pepper cultivated in and around Şanlıurfa.
    • 2014 April 15, Lucy Vaserfirer, Marinades: The Quick-Fix Way to Turn Everyday Food Into Exceptional Fare, with 400 Recipes[1], Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, →ISBN, page 258:
      Urfa biber is uniquely delicious—it has a fruity, roasted flavor—and worth seeking out at specialty spice merchants.
    • 2014 October 7, Amanda Bevill; Julie Kramis Hearne, World Spice at Home: New Flavors for 75 Favorite Dishes[2], Sasquatch Books, →ISBN, page 42:
      Rich, raisiny, smoky, coffee goodness: that is the flavor of urfa biber.
    • 2018 April 10, Stuart Farrimond, The Science of Spice: Understand Flavour Connections and Revolutionize your Cooking[3], Dorling Kindersley Ltd, →ISBN, page 23:
      Paprika, allspice, and urfa biber impart warmth and richness to meat dishes and soups, while cinnamon is added to sweet dishes, especially in eastern Turkey.