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Related to variant usma, Karelian usva and Inari Sami osvođ. The word could originally be descriptive.


  • IPA(key): /ˈusʋɑ/, [ˈus̠ʋɑ]



  1. Mist, fog.

Usage notesEdit

  • The words sumu, usva and utu all describe "water vapor lightly suspended near the ground", but at different degrees. However, they may often be used synonymously with no discretion.
Utu describes very light vapor near the ground, especially that occurring in the morning and therefore it is translated usually as mist or haze.
Usva describes a bit thicker vapor than utu near the ground, especially when considering the water travelling conditions. Therefore, it is translated usually as mist, haze or fog.
Sumu describes very thick vapor obscuring the visibility near the ground and thus, it is translated usually as mist or fog.


Inflection of usva (Kotus type 10/koira, no gradation)
nominative usva usvat
genitive usvan usvien
partitive usvaa usvia
illative usvaan usviin
singular plural
nominative usva usvat
accusative nom. usva usvat
gen. usvan
genitive usvan usvien
partitive usvaa usvia
inessive usvassa usvissa
elative usvasta usvista
illative usvaan usviin
adessive usvalla usvilla
ablative usvalta usvilta
allative usvalle usville
essive usvana usvina
translative usvaksi usviksi
instructive usvin
abessive usvatta usvitta
comitative usvineen


  • sumu (see the usage notes)