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Alternative formsEdit


From vice- +‎ consul.


vice-consul (plural vice-consuls)

  1. A consular officer who reports directly to the consul general or to the consul.
    • 2012, Christopher New, Shanghai, →ISBN:
      The French consul was there, and the vice-consul of the United States, as well as Gilbert and the Chairman of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.
    • 2012, Gregg Olsen, Starvation Heights: A True Story of Murder and Malice, →ISBN:
      The vice-consul was too deeply involved for his own good.
    • 2016, Upton Sinclair, Presidential Mission, →ISBN:
      Lanny had fixed it up with the right man in O.S.S. that Faulkner was to get a radio message through the vice-consul in Casablanca, telling him that when “Tutor” appeared, he was to drop his other work and follow orders.
  2. The office held by a vice-consul.
    • 2010, Lester I. Vogel, To See A Promised Land, →ISBN:
      Ernest Hardegg was appointed vice-consul in 1871 and served through 1910.