From vingrot (past stem: vingroj-) ‎(to exercise (intr.)) +‎ -ums.


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vingrojums m (1st declension)

  1. exercise (activitiess or movements performed to acquire physical skills or to strengthen the body, improve health, etc.)
    rīta vingrojumi — morning exercises
    elpošanas vingrojumi — breathing exercises
    ārstnieciskie vingrojumi — medicinal, therapeutic exercises
    līdzsvara vingrojumi — balance exercises (to improve one's balance)
    spēka vingrojumi (= vingrinājumi) — strength exercises (to improving one's physical strength)
    pēc sasprindzināta garīgā darba vislabāko atpūtu sagādās fiziski vingrojumi — after stressful mental work, physical exercise provides the best relaxation
    man paveicās vingrojumi uz trapeces — I was lucky with the trapeze exercises
    “uzmanību, uzmanību!” vingrošanas intruktors sauca ruporā: “ieņemiet izejas stāvokli; sākam vingrojumu: viens, divi, trīs, četri...” — “attention! attention!” the fitness instructor said on the megaphone: “take your initial positions; we are beginning the exercise: one, two, three, four...”


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