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Etymology Edit

Latin, from vomere (to throw up, vomit).

Noun Edit

vomica (plural vomicas or vomicae)

  1. (medicine) An abscess cavity in the lungs or any other parenchymal organ.

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Latin Edit

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Noun Edit

vomica f (genitive vomicae); first declension

  1. abscess, boil, sore, ulcer

Declension Edit

First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative vomica vomicae
Genitive vomicae vomicārum
Dative vomicae vomicīs
Accusative vomicam vomicās
Ablative vomicā vomicīs
Vocative vomica vomicae

Adjective Edit


  1. nominative/vocative feminine singular of vomicus

Adjective Edit


  1. ablative feminine singular of vomicus

References Edit

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