English edit

Etymology edit

Wicca +‎ -phobe

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈwɪkəˌfoʊb/
  • Hyphenation: wic‧ca‧phobe

Noun edit

wiccaphobe (plural wiccaphobes)

  1. A person who fears or hates Wiccanism or Wiccanists
    • 1997, Kristin, Re: Blackbane is starting to grow on me... Group: alt.religion.wicca
      Raven Blackbane as the world first wiccaphobe.
    • 2014, Sara Latta, Scared Stiff:
      Wiccaphobia may be more of a problem for contemporary witches (or for those accused of witchcraft) than for wiccaphobes themselves.