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English edit

Etymology 1 edit

See wuss

Noun edit

wus (plural wusses)

  1. Alternative spelling of wuss

Etymology 2 edit

See wu

Noun edit


  1. plural of wu

Etymology 3 edit

Eye dialect spelling of was.

Verb edit


  1. (African-American Vernacular) Eye dialect spelling of was.
    She wus walking home when it happened.

Anagrams edit

Catawba edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

The word is related to wos (bee).

Noun edit


  1. wasp

Mokilese edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Oceanic *pudi, from Proto-Austronesian *punti.

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit


  1. banana
  2. banana tree

Usage notes edit

When referring to the tree, wus is considered part of the long objects class; when referring to the fruit, it is considered a part of the general class.

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