See also: Xis, Χis, XIs, and xış

English Edit

Noun Edit


  1. plural of xi

Anagrams Edit

French Edit

Noun Edit

xis m pl

  1. plural of xi

Portuguese Edit

Pronunciation Edit


  • Rhymes: (Brazil) -is, (Portugal, Rio de Janeiro) -iʃ
  • Hyphenation: xis

Etymology 1 Edit

Noun Edit

xis m (plural xis or xises)

  1. ex (name of the Latin letter X, x)
  2. (figurative) main (the main part of something)

Etymology 2 Edit

Phono-semantic matching of English cheese.

Interjection Edit


  1. (Brazil, photography) cheese (said while being photographed)

Etymology 3 Edit

Short for xisbúrguer (borrowed from English cheeseburger) and derived terms.

Noun Edit

xis m (invariable)

  1. (Brazil, informal) burger (large sandwich with a patty)