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From Mandarin 雲鑼 (yúnluó, literally cloud gongs).


yunluo (plural yunluos or yunluo)

  1. A Chinese musical instrument, consisting of a set of tuned flat gongs in a frame, which are played with a stick; (sometimes) an individual gong, as a part of this instrument.
    • 1998, China & World Cultural Exchange:
      There are two kinds of yunluo music popular among the people, one is "parade music" played on the streets and during temple fairs; the other is "chamber music" played inside houses. Usually, two sets of yunluos are used in playing []
    • 2010, Robert André LaFleur, China →ISBN, page 292:
      In ensembles, a set of tuned gongs called yunluo (literally “cloud gong”) may be heard; these are small gongs several inches in diameter, and ten yunluo are hung on a single wooden rack.