Latvian edit

Etymology edit

From zem (under) +‎ ūdens (water[gen.]).

Pronunciation edit

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Adjective edit

zemūdens (invariable)

  1. underwater, submarine, subaquatic (that which is located or happens under or inside water, usually in a body of water)
    zemūdens rifiunderwater reefs
    zemūdens ainavaunderwater landscape
    zemūdens straumeunderwater stream
    zemūdens vulkānssubmarine volcano
    zemūdens tunelisunderwater tunnel
    zemūdens reliefssubmarine topography
    zemūdens peldēšanascuba diving (lit. underwater swimming)
    zemūdens kābelissubmarine cable
    zemūdens televīzijaunderwater television
    zemūdens akustiskie sakarisubmarine audio communication
    vakarā baseinu paredzēts apgaismot ar zemūdens spuldzēmin the evening they intend to illuminate the swimming pool with underwater lamps
    sauszemes veģetācijā galvenā nozīme ir dažādiem sēklaugiem, turpretī jūrās un okeānos zemūdens “pļavas” veido aļģesvarious seed-bearing plants play a key role in terrestrial vegetation, while the submarine “meadows” in the seas and oceans consist of algae

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