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From the root ر ف ع (r-f-ʿ)



رَفَعَ (rafaʿa) I, non-past يَرْفَعُ‎ (yarfaʿu)

  1. to lift, to raise aloft, to hoist up, to heave up
    • رَفَعَتْ يَدَيها إلى السَماءِ
      rafaʿat yadayha ʾilā al-samāʾi
      She lifted her hands toward the sky.
  2. to elevate, to heighten, to exalt, to enhance
  3. to promote in rank
  4. to upload
  5. to fly (a kite), to run up (a flag)
  6. to take off, to doff, to tip (one’s hat)
  7. to erect, to set up
  8. to remove, to take away, to end, to lift
  9. to abolish, to eliminate



رَفَّعَ (raffaʿa) II, non-past يُرَفِّعُ‎ (yuraffiʿu)

  1. to lift, to raise, to elevate
  2. to celebrate



رَفْع (rafʿm

  1. lifting, hoisting
  2. elevation
  3. raising, increasing
  4. erection
  5. abolition, elimination, removal
  6. remedy, remission, lifting
  7. submission, filing
  8. (grammar) pronouncing a final consonant with u as a mark of the nominative (see desinential inflection)
  9. upload

رَفُعَ (rafuʿa?

  1. eliminating, displacement, erasure, removal, elimination, takeout, removing
  2. elevation, upgrading
  3. foundation, forming, formation, founding, construction, establishing, building up, raising, instituting
  4. hoisting, lifting, lifting up, raising
  5. putting before
  6. increasing, addition, increase, growth, overabundance, raise