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กบ (RTGS: kop)

  1. (grammar) a syllable that ends with the consonant , , , , or .
  2. (tool)
    1. (carpentry) a planer.
    2. a pencil sharpener.
    3. a wooden bolt (a movable bar or rod that, when slid into a socket, fastens a door, gate, window, etc.).
  3. (animal)
    1. a scaleless fish, Batrachus grunniens or Halophryne trispinosus, of the family Batrachoididae, also known as กบบู่ทะเล (kop bu thale), คางคก (khangkhok), ผีหลอก (phi lok), or อุบ (up).
    2. a tailless, stout-bodied amphibian of the order Anura; a frog.
  4. (botany)
    1. an annual plant, Geodorum densiflorum, of the genus Geodorum and the family Orchidaceae, having the bulb that looks like a frog, traditionally believed to possess weapon-resistant powers, also known as ข้าวอังกุลี (khao angkuli).
    2. a kind of durian, as กบเจ้าคุณ (Kop Chao Khun), กบแม่เฒ่า (Kop Mae Thao), กบหน้าศาล (Kop Na San), etc.



กบ (RTGS: kop)

  1. full.
    • เลือดกบปาก
      Mouth full of blood.


กบ (RTGS: kop)

  1. Synonym of ประกบ.