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Unsupported titles/Number sign

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Character  # 
Unicode name NUMBER SIGN
Unicode block Basic Latin
Codepoint U+0023
" ← Basic Latin → $



  1. (set theory) The cardinality of a set.
    #{ 5, 3, 7, 11 } = 4
  2. (computing) The hash character
  3. Alternative form of .
  4. (chess notation) checkmate
  5. (television) Used in subtitles to indicate that the enclosed text is song lyrics
  6. (Usenet) Used to pad the left side of a quotation from a manual or official source.
  7. (cartography) Used to denote a village.
  8. (syntax) Used to indicate that a sentence is grammatical but semantically strange.
  9. (phonology) Used to indicate a word boundary.

Derived termsEdit

  • (small form variant)

Coordinate termsEdit

  • (to pad a quotation on Usenet): > (for a quotation not necessarily from a manual or official source)

Usage notesEdit


  • (chess): ++



The symbol # derives from the abbreviation lb for Latin libra (pound), via the medieval convention of indicating abbreviations with a bar, .


# (plural # or #s)

  1. (food packaging, US) Pound (unit of weight)
    3# — "three pounds"
  2. (followed by a numeral: used attributively) Number
    #3 — "number three"

Related termsEdit


  • (number): no.

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