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ute (plural utes)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) A small vehicle based on the same platform as a family car but with a unibody construction and a built-in open tray area for carrying goods; similar but not identical to a pick-up truck.
    • 2007, Sheryl Persson, The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, Exisle Publishing, Australia, page 40,
      The Reverend John Flynn, a man of simple tastes, was always recognisable in the outback, dressed in a suit, driving an old ute and puffing on a pipe.
    • 2008, Penelope Adams, Why Women Are Stupid, Lulu, page 105,
      Still, given the choice between being stuck behind a ute in tropical scenery and spending four to five hours driving through stretches of semi-desert, I′d rather have the ute-plus-heart-attack.
    • 2009, Damian Veltri, Bandt, Louis (Lewis) Thornett (1910-1987), entry in Dianne Lingmore, Darryl Bennet (editors), Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 17 1981-1990: A-K, page 55,
      A sample body was made in 1933 and the first utilities, or ‘utes’, rolled off the production line next year. Dubbed ‘the Kangaroo Chaser’ by Henry Ford when Bandt displayed two examples in Detroit, United States of America, in 1935, the ute was quickly recognised as the ideal farmers′ vehicle.

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ute (masculine ute; feminine ute; neuter ute; plural ute; comparative mer ute; superlative mest ute)

  1. outdoors
  2. out; the state of being out. compare: ut
  3. uncool; "old-fashioned"





  1. outdoors



  1. out; the state of being out. compare: ut
  2. uncool; "old-fashioned"