Romanian edit

Etymology edit

From întinde or Latin intensus. Doublet of intens, which was borrowed.

Pronunciation edit

Verb edit


  1. past participle of întinde

Adjective edit

întins m or n (feminine singular întinsă, masculine plural întinși, feminine and neuter plural întinse)

  1. stretched, extended, outstretched, spread out
    Synonym: tins
  2. enlarged, elongated
    Synonyms: lărgit, lungit, mărit
  3. straight, direct
    Synonyms: drept, direct
  4. spacious, vast, large
    Synonyms: spațios, vast, larg
  5. flat, level, smooth
    Synonyms: neted, plan, șes

Declension edit

Noun edit

întins n (plural întinsuri)

  1. large space or surface

Declension edit