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See also: īgnā, īgna, and īgņā




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īgņa m, f (4th declension, irregular gender, dative singular)

  1. person who is generally sullen, surly, angry
    liekas, esmu tavā prombūtnē kļuvis īsts īgņa; šovakar dusmās sarāju abus mūsu zēnusit seems that I have become a real growler in your absence; last night I lashed at both our boys

Usage notesEdit

The term īgņa is ambigenous. It is masculine when it refers to males and feminine when it refers to females. It is, however, always declined as a feminine noun, with the exception of its dative singular form, which is īgņam when it refers to a male and īgņai when it refers to a female.


Related termsEdit