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From Byzantine Greek ἀνάποδος (anápodos), from ἀνα- (ana-, back, backwards) + ποδός (podós, foot).


  • IPA(key): /aˈnapoðos/
  • Hyphenation: α‧νά‧πο‧δος


ανάποδος (anápodosm (feminine ανάποδη, neuter ανάποδο)

  1. reverse, opposite, contrary (in the other direction or the exact inverse of something)
    παίρνω ανάποδεςpaírno anápodesI get pissed off, I get very angry
    Έκανε το ανάποδο από ότι του είπα.Ékane to anápodo apó óti tou eípa.He did the opposite of what I told him.
    Το αμάξι ήρθε από την ανάποδη πλευρά.To amáxi írthe apó tin anápodi plevrá.The car came from the opposite side.
  2. (of days) off (in which a person is not performing up to their usual level or ability)
    Ήταν μια από τις ανάποδες μέρες μου.Ítan mia apó tis anápodes méres mou.It was one of my off days.
  3. (of people) awkward, crabbed, cantankerous, contrary (ill-tempered or strange in behaviour and relations with others)
    Η γιαγιά της είναι πολύ ανάποδη γυναίκα.I giagiá tis eínai polý anápodi gynaíka.Her granny is a very cantankerous woman.
    Είναι ανάποδος και παίρνει στραβά ό,τι του λέει κανείς.Eínai anápodos kai paírnei stravá ó,ti tou léei kaneís.He's contrary and takes everything anyone says to him the wrong way.
  4. (of items) awkward, unwieldy (difficult to use)
    Δεν μπορώ να χρησιμοποιήσω αυτό το ανάποδο εργαλείο!Den boró na chrisimopoiíso aftó to anápodo ergaleío!I can't use this unwieldy tool!




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ανάποδος (anápodosm (plural ανάποδοι, feminine ανάποδη)

  1. (colloquial) spoilsport, killjoy (person who is anti-fun, or prevents others from having fun)
    Μην είσαι ανάποδος, έλα στο πάρτι!Min eísai anápodos, éla sto párti!Don't be a spoilsport, come to the party!