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Uncertain. Possibly related to Latin digitus. Probably Pre-Greek. Note Boeotian Greek δακκύλιος (dakkúlios). The sense "date" is probably a folk-etymological alteration of a word from a Semitic source such as Arabic دَقَل(daqal, variety of date palm) or Hebrew דֶּקֶל(deqel, date palm).

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δᾰ́κτῠλος (dáktulosm (genitive δᾰκτῠ́λου); second declension

  1. finger
    1. toe
  2. measure of length, the breadth of a finger, about 7/10 of an inch
    1. dactyl, a metrical foot
    2. (in the plural) a dance
  3. date (fruit)
    1. type of grape

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