• IPA(key): /ˈ
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: λύ‧νο‧μαι
  • Homophone: λύνομε (lýnome)


λύνομαι (lýnomai) passive (past λύθηκα, ppp λυμένος, active λύνω)

  1. 1st person singular present indicative passive form of λύνω (lýno).
    1. to break loose, untie oneself
    2. to be untied
    3. to be solved (of problems etc)
  2. to relax, loosen
  3. to paralyse (UK), paralyze (US)
    Όταν άκουσα την είδηση του θανάτου του, λύθηκαν τα πόδια μου και λιποθύμησα.
    Ótan ákousa tin eídisi tou thanátou tou, lýthikan ta pódia mou kai lipothýmisa.
    When I heard the new of his death, my legs paralysed and I fainted.
  4. to burst into laughter, laugh to tears
    Λύθηκα στα γέλια.Lýthika sta gélia.I pissed myself laughing / I died laughing / I burst out laughing


see this verb's full conjugation at: λύνω (lýno)