Ancient Greek edit

Etymology edit

Superlative of μάλα (mála, very), from μάλα +‎ -ιστα (-ista, superlative adverb suffix).

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Adverb edit

μᾰ́λῐστᾰ (málista)

  1. most, most of all, above all
    1. (strengthened, preceded by ὡς or ὅτι)
    2. (with the article) for the most part, mostly
    3. (added to a superlative)
    4. (for μᾶλλον)
    5. (in loose accounts of numbers, used to show that they are not exact)
    6. (καὶ μάλιστα, used in answers) most certainly

Descendants edit

  • Greek: μάλιστα (málista)

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Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek μάλιστα (málista).

Adverb edit

μάλιστα (málista)

  1. yes, certainly, ok, of course, right you are, okey-dokey (acknowledging that a request has been heard and understood)

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