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Ancient GreekEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From ὤν (ṓn), present participle of εἰμί (eimí, to be), + -ίᾱ (-íā, abstract noun suffix).




οὐσίᾱ (ousíāf (genitive οὐσίᾱς); first declension

  1. that which is one's own, one's substance, property
  2. (philosophy) Synonym of φύσις (phúsis) stable being, immutable reality
    1. substance, essence
    2. true nature of that which is a member of a kind
    3. the possession of such a nature, substantiality
    4. (in the concrete) the primary real, the substratum underlying all change and process in nature
    5. (logic) substance as the leading category
    6. (various uses after Plato and Aristotle)
    7. Pythagorean name for I
      • Theol., Ar. 6
  3. name of a plaster
    • Aet. 15.15.45
  4. a fire-resisting substance
    • Zos., Alch. 168B
  5. (in magic) a material thing by which a connection is established between the person to be acted upon and the supernatural agent