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τι (ti)

  1. neuter nominative/accusative singular of τις (tis): something

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From Ancient Greek τί (), neuter of the interrogative pronoun τίς; (tís?, who?), from Proto-Indo-European *kʷis.

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τι (ti) (indeclinable)  interrogative

  1. what?
    Τι θέλετε;
    Ti thélete?
    What do you (pl.) want?
    Προς τι;
    Pros ti;
    What for?
    (polytonic spelling: πρὸς τί;)
  2. (rhetorical, for stress): how, what
    Τι ομορφιά!
    Ti omorfiá!
    How beautiful, what beauty!
  3. anything, something, a little
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τι (ti)

  1. what
    Τι; Είπε τέτοιο πράγμα;
    Ti; Eípe tétoio prágma?
    What? He said that?