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Proper nounEdit

Айо́ва or А́йова (Ajóva or Ájovaf inan (genitive Айо́вы or А́йовы)

  1. Iowa (a state of the United States)


Usage notesEdit

In formal writing, Айова and other U.S. State names are used in constructions so that they do not decline:

  • 2005 November 13, “НТВ”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1]:
    С 1950 го́да в шта́те Айо́ва в ноябре́ бы́ло зафикси́ровано всего́ 23 торна́до
    S 1950 góda v štáte Ajóva v nojabré býlo zafiksírovano vsevó 23 tornádo
    Since 1950, in (the state of) Iowa, only 23 tornadoes were recorded in November

Derived termsEdit