Ukrainian edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Slavic *vy- (out).

Pronunciation edit

Prefix edit

ви- (vy-) (this prefix almost invariably bears the stress in perfective verbs, but not in imperfective verbs)

  1. (used with verbs) out, ex- (describing an action of moving outside from inside)
    ви- (vy-) + ‎ходи́ти impf (xodýty, to go) → ‎вихо́дити impf (vyxódyty, to go out)
  2. (used with verbs) indicates completion or fulfilment
    ви́- (vý-) + ‎пи́ти impf (pýty, to drink) → ‎ви́пити pf (výpyty, to drink up)

Derived terms edit