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Йылме (1)


From Proto-Finno-Ugric *ńälmä (tongue), compare Hungarian nyelv.


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йылме (jylme)

  1. (body) tongue (organ in the mouth used for moving food around, tasting, and speaking)
    йылме дене нулаш — to lick with one's tongue
    йылмaым пурлащ — to bite one's tongue
    йылмaым кучаш — to hold one's tongue, to keep one's mouth shut
  2. (linguistics) language (a set of words and grammar rules understood and used for communication by a given community)
    марий йылме — the Mari language
    финн йылме-влак — Finnish (= Balto-Fennic) languages
    йот йылме — a foreign language
    йылме-влакым тунемашto study languages
    йылмым туныкташ — to teach a language
    йылме курсlanguage course
    йылме законlanguage law
  3. (stylistics) language (a specific way of using a language; a certain speech register)
    кутырымо йылме — spoken language
    литератур йылме — literary, standard language