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Via Polish szabas from Yiddish שבת (šabes, Sabbath). Cognate to Russian суббота (subbota).



ша́баш or шаба́ш (šábaš or šabášm inan (genitive ша́баша or шаба́ша, nominative plural ша́баши or шаба́ши, genitive plural ша́башей or шаба́шей)

  1. Saturday, observed in Judaism as a day of rest, Sabbath.
  2. A meeting of witches, presided over by the devil, Sabbath.
  3. Any merry debauched festival.
  4. (colloquial) end of the working day, quitting time (also pronounced šabáš).
    Шабаш, охо́тники! Сла́вно порабо́тали! — ве́село кри́кнул де́душка. — Сейча́с, пожа́луй, и домо́й пора́.
    Šabaš, oxótniki! Slávno porabótali! — véselo kríknul déduška. — Sejčás, požáluj, i domój porá.
    "That’s it, hunters! We did a great job!" the grandfather shouted merrily. "Now it’s about time we went home."


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