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Etymology 1Edit


חֲבֵרָה (khaveráf (plural indefinite חֲבֵרוֹת‎, masculine counterpart חָבֵר‎) [pattern: קְטֵלָה]

  1. A female friend, or more generally a female teammate, classmate, partner, or similar.
  2. (specifically) A girlfriend; a female romantic partner.
  3. A female member (as of an organization or society).
  4. (socialism) A female comrade.


חֶבְרָה (khevráf (plural indefinite חֲבָרוֹת‎, singular construct חֶבְרָת־‎, plural construct חֶבְרוֹת־‎) [pattern: קִטְלָה]

  1. Company, society: the state of being with one or more other people.
  2. Company, society: one or more people that one is with.
  3. A society: a collection of individuals with common characteristics or some connection between them.
  4. A society, an association: a group of people who have united for a certain purpose.
  5. A company, a corporation: a business with multiple owners, or owned by a group.
  6. (ecology) a community

Etymology 2Edit

Borrowed from Yiddish חבֿרה(khevre), in turn from Hebrew חֶבְרָה(khevrá).

Alternative formsEdit


חֶבְרֶה (khévrem pl

  1. (colloquial) Friends, a group of friends.