See also: ם‎, מ־‎, ־ם‎, מ׳, and Appendix:Variations of "m"

מ U+05DE, מ
Hebrew ן

Hebrew Edit

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Letter Edit

מ (m)

  1. Mem: the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, after ל‎ and before נ‎.
  2. The numeral 40 in Hebrew numbering.

Usage notes Edit

  • The letter מ‎ denotes the phoneme /m/ (like the sound of <m> in the English word mess).
  • The letter מ‎ has a distinct special form used at the ends of words, namely ם‎. This form is called mem sofit or (in English) final mem.
  • For information about מ as a preposition meaning roughly “from”, see מ־‎.
  • For information about מ as a sort of prefix in the present tense and present participle of pi'él, pu'ál, hif'íl, huf'ál, and hitpa'él verbs, see Appendix:Hebrew verbs.
  • For information about ם as a suffix meaning roughly “them”, which is one form of the third-person masculine plural personal pronoun, see ־ם‎.

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