Hebrew edit

ס־כ־ך (s-k-k)

Etymology edit

Probably borrowed from Akkadian 𒄑𒆕 (sikkatum). Cognate with Arabic سَكّ (sakk) and سِكَّة (sikka). Compare also Biblical Hebrew שֵׂךְ (śēḵ, thorn, splinter).

Noun edit

סיכה / סִכָּה (sikáf (plural indefinite סיכות / סִכּוֹת, singular construct סיכת / סִכַּת־) [pattern: קִטְלָה]

  1. A pin, such as a straight pin or safety pin.
  2. A paper clip.
  3. A staple: a wire fastener used to bind sheets of paper.
  4. A pin, button, brooch, tag: an article worn on the clothes and attached with a pin in its back.
  5. A hairpin or clip.

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  • סיכה” in the Hebrew Terms Database of the Academy of Hebrew Language

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