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U-shaped hairpin (1)

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From hair +‎ pin, 1788 (as hair pin). Adjective sense 1906 in hairpin turn etc.[1]

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  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈhɛə.pɪn/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈhɛɚ.pɪn/
    • (file)

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hairpin (plural hairpins)

  1. A pin or fastener for the hair.
  2. (biology) A kind of ribozyme; hairpin ribozyme.
  3. (chiefly attributive) A very tight bend in a road; a hairpin bend.
    • 2009, Bob Sehlinger, Grant Rafter, Beyond Disney, page 280:
      The variety of angles in the course, from slow bends to hairpins, will both test your skill as a driver and allow you the opportunity to pass other carts.
  4. (music) An elongated horizontal v-shaped sign placed underneath a staff to indicate a crescendo or decrescendo.

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  • Japanese: ヘアピン

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  1. ^ Douglas Harper (2001–2023), “hairpin”, in Online Etymology Dictionary.