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From Middle Persian [Book Pahlavi needed] (snc /sanǰ-/, to weigh), from Proto-Iranian *θanǰáyati, from Proto-Indo-European *t(ʰ)ongʰ-éye-ti, from *t(ʰ)engʰ- (to draw, pull back), perhaps an extension of *ten-. Cognate to Younger Avestan 𐬚𐬀𐬧𐬘𐬀𐬌𐬌𐬈𐬧𐬙𐬈‎(θaṇjaiieṇte‎,[1][2][3]


سنجیدن (sanjidan) (present stem سنج(sanj))

  1. (archaic) to weigh
  2. to measure
  3. to evaluate
  4. to ponder, reflect



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Further readingEdit

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