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The shallot-sense is presumably a semantic loan from Spanish escaloña, escalonia, or Medieval Latin escalōnia, going back to Classical Latin ascalōnia (cēpa) the Romans called the plant after its abundant occurrence around the Palestinian town nicknamed in Ancient Greek Κρομμύων πολις (Krommúōn polis, literally Onion City), also retained in Old French eschaloigne and Italian scalogno – while the myth persists that the cultivar spread to Western Europe only by the first Crusades –, otherwise Arabs had no reason to call the plant precisely like the Romans.

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عَسْقَلَان (ʕasqalānf

  1. Ashkelon (a city in Israel)

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عَسْقَلَان (ʕasqalānm

  1. (al-Andalus) shallot (Allium cepa var. aggregatum)
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