Etymology 1Edit


घृत ‎(ghṛtá)

  1. sprinkled


घृत ‎(ghṛtán

  1. ghee i.e. clarified butter or butter which has been boiled gently and allowed to cool (it is used for culinary and religious purposes and is highly esteemed by the Hindus), fat (as an emblem of fertility), fluid grease, cream
    • RV 1.87.2d
      उपह्वरेषु यदचिध्वं ययिं वय इव मरुतः केन चित पथा |
      शचोतन्ति कोशा उप वो रथेष्वा घर्तमुक्षता मधुवर्णमर्चते ||
      upahvareṣu yadacidhvaṃ yayiṃ vaya iva marutaḥ kena cit pathā |
      ścotanti kośā upa vo ratheṣvā ghṛtamukṣatā madhuvarṇamarcate ||
      When, Maruts, on the steeps ye pile the moving cloud, ye are like birds on whatsoever path it be.
      Clouds everywhere shed forth the rain upon your cars. Drop fatness, honey-hued, for him who sings your praise.
    • RV 1.134.6g
      बभ्रवे नु सवतवसे ऽरुणाय दिविस्प्र्शे |
      विश्वा इत ते धेनवो दुह्र आशिरं घृतं दुह्रत आशिरम ||
      tvaṃ no vāyaveṣāmapūrvyaḥ somānāṃ prathamaḥ pītimarhasi sutānāṃ pītimarhasi |
      viśvā it te dhenavo duhra āśiraṃ ghṛtaṃ duhrata āśiram ||
      Thou, Vāyu, who hast none before thee, first of all hast right to drink these offerings of Soma juice, hast right to drink the juice out-poured,
      Yea, poured by all invoking tribes who free themselves from taint of sin, For thee all cows are milked to yield the Soma-milk, to yield the butter and the milk.
  2. (= उदक ‎(udaka)) fertilizing rain (considered as the fat which drops from heaven), water
  3. name of a son of Dharma (grandson of Anu and father of Duduha)

Etymology 2Edit


घृत ‎(ghṛtá)

  1. illumined


  • Sir Monier Monier-Williams (1898) A Sanskrit-English dictionary etymologically and philologically arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European languages, Oxford: Clarendon Press, page 0378
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