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U+1786, ឆ


Translingual edit

Letter edit

  1. Khmer letter cha

Khmer edit

Pronunciation edit

Orthographic and Phonemic
WT romanisation chɑɑ
(standard) IPA(key) /cʰɑː/

Letter edit

ឆ, ្ឆ (chɑɑ)

  1. seventh letter of the Cambodian alphabet

Usage notes edit

Etymology 1 edit

From Thai ฉ้อ (chɔ̂ɔ).

Verb edit

(chɑɑ) (abstract noun ការឆ)

  1. to dupe, cheat, swindle

Etymology 2 edit

From Pali cha.

Numeral edit


  1. six

Etymology 3 edit


Noun edit


  1. the sound of rushing water

Etymology 4 edit

Verb edit

(chɑɑ) (abstract noun ការឆ)

  1. to muzzle an animal

Pali edit

Alternative forms edit

Numeral edit


  1. Khmer script form of cha

Declension edit

Optionally indeclinable.